HS tammy lynne stoner highresCurrently, I’m working on a new novel, Dispatches from Aquaville. My novel-writing process if often horrifically long and dramatic so wish me – and those around me – good luck.

Meanwhile, here’s some 2014 NEWS:
First, our baby girls, Rosie Margaret and Cedar Helene, turned one (WHEW!); Oliver, turned ten; and the chattiest cat on the planet, Eaper, turned 14.

In May 2014, my story “The Last Time” will be included in Forest Avenue Press’s Short Story Anthology, featuring writers of the Northwest. Sometime near then, my flash “Ava’s Third Leg” will appear in the Portland Review - I’m especially jazzed this one found a home!

In 2014 I’m focusing on pitching my southern-fried novel Spots in Sugar Land… wish me luck!

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